Demand Nunes' Resignation & A Special Prosecutor

March 29, 2017

Hey guys, this is REALLY important. We must make a huge stink about this and not let it slip past unchallenged.

Last week, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), the Chair of the Intelligence Committee tasked with investigating Trump's ties to Russia held a secret meeting at the White House with a source who revealed that members of the Trump team may have been incidentally swept up in surveillance efforts during the campaign (likely because they were talking to people they shouldn't have been talking to.)

Nunes, who was a member of Trump's transition team and is currently tasked with leading the supposedly impartial investigation into Russiagate, then rushed right back over to the White House to share that news with Trump and with reporters before even sharing it with the other members of his committee. His reasoning was that Trump's getting such a lot of bad coverage that this was the right thing to do!

This is a huge breach of etiquette and also a crystal clear reflection of Nunes' inability to lead an impartial, non-partisan investigation into Trump's potential collusion with Russia. It's quite clear what his goal is - to shield the Trump team from accusations of colluding with Russia to sway our elections. When questioned, Nunes said, "It was a judgement call." Which it was, albeit 100% the wrong judgement call...

Top House Democrats are now calling for Nunes to recuse himself from the investigation which is a good start but not nearly enough. Nunes needs to be removed from the Intelligence committee and they must appoint a special prosecutor to run a thorough, impartial investigation.

Here's what you do:

1. Call your Representative. Find your Rep if you don't already have her or him in your phone. You may have to try several offices before you get through to a staffperson. When someone does pick up, say: "Hi, my name is ___ and I'm calling from ___ to urge Rep. ___ to demand that Rep. Devin Nunes not only recuse himself but that he also be removed from the House Intelligence Committee and that a special prosecutor is appointed to lead a thorough, unbiased investigation into President Trump and his campaign staff's potential ties to Russia. His recent actions clearly show that he is incapable of being unbiased and nonpartisan." Then thank them for taking your call. Always be polite even as our democracy crumbles around you.

2. Email your Representative. Submit a comment through your Rep's website comment form. You're welcome to adapt mine below.

Dear Rep. ___,

I'm writing to urge you to demand that your colleague, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) recuse himself from the investigation into President Trump's ties to Russia.

Nunes' recent actions demonstrate that he is incapable of running an impartial, non-partisan investigation and the integrity of our democracy hangs in the balance.

I also urge you to call for the appointment of a special prosecutor to perform a thorough, free and unbiased investigation into Trump and his campaign's potential ties to and collusion with Russia.

Thank you.

3. Call Paul Ryan. (202) 225-0600. Press 6 to leave a message. You don't get a lot of time so keep it brief. Just say this. "My name is ___ and I'm calling from ___ to urge you to remove Rep. Nunes from the House Intelligence Committee and appoint a special prosecutor to investigate President Trump's ties to Russia." Then press 1 to approve your message and press 1 again to send your message.

4. Tweet at Nunes, the House Intelligence Committee, Speaker Ryan and your Representative and Senators about this. If you have space, use the hashtag #nunesmustresign

You're welcome to recycle or retweet any of the tweets below.

5. Share this with 5 other people via email or social media.

Call ASAP To Protect Your Privacy - Vote Is TODAY!

March 28, 2017

First of all, congratulations on helping to defeat the hateful AHCA last week. It feels really good, right?!

There's still a long fight to protect the ACA from Republican attempts to sabotage it but for now, we'll turn our attention to something much more pressing - Congress is poised to repeal essential regulations that protect your privacy online TODAY.

The legislation passed the Senate by two (Republican) votes last week and the House is moving quickly now to do the same. It's called S.J. Res. 34, a resolution that would invalidate the Federal Communications Commission's privacy rules and prevent the FCC from issuing similar regulations in the future. Wanna guess how the Republican-controlled House is likely to vote????

But we gotta try to stop this thing and there's literally no time to waste -- the vote is scheduled for noon today (Tuesday, 3/28/17.)

1. Call your Representative as soon as the phones open today (Tuesday). Find your Rep if you don't already have her or him in your phone.

2. You may have to try several offices before you get through to a staffperson. When someone does pick up, here's your script: "Hi, my name is ___ and I'm calling from ___ to urge Rep. ___ to protect my online privacy by voting NO on S.J. Resolution 34 later today. I do not want Internet service providers to be able to sell my data without getting my permission." Then thank them for taking your call. Always be polite.

Also, if your Rep. is a Republican member of the House Committee on Rules -- here's the list: Sessions (TX), Cole (OK), Woodall (GA), Burgess (TX), Collins (GA), Cheney (WY), Buck - CO, Newhouse (WA), Byrne (AL) -- he or she has already voted last night to move this forward and you should definitely mention your disappointment with that vote.

3. Forward this email to ten friends and ask them to join you in calling their Reps before noon.

4. Share this on Facebook and Twitter.

Go enjoy your day.

Trumpcare Vote Delayed! Keep Calling And Find An Event Near You

March 23, 2017

Paul Ryan and He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named were forced to pull their scheduled vote on Trumpcare today because they couldn't get the votes they needed to pass it. Which is good!

But the fight is far from over. We need to keep the pressure on to convince enough members of Congress that they do not want to touch this thing with a ten-foot pole.

So. Here's what you do:

1. Tomorrow (Friday) call your Representative AGAIN. It's okay to call them every day. And submit another comment via their web site. And write on their Facebook page. And tweet at them. Keep doing it. See yesterday's post for scripts and sample comments.

2. Click here now to find an event taking place near you. Then go join it. Do it even if it's not your typical thing and you feel nervous or weird about it. It'll be good for you.

I am a recovering shy person and my natural tendency is to avoid rallies, protests, marches and such like the plague. However, I find that when I do go, it feels really GOOD to be there. It buoys my spirit to be around other people who also think what's going on is crazy and unacceptable and want to do something to stop it. The truth is that it's way more fun to resist in the company of others than all by your lonesome :)

Today I was at a pop up emergency room demonstration outside my Rep., John Faso's office in upstate NY. We had a big group of people - some of them nurses and other healthcare providers, some of them farmers, some who are on Medicaid, some (like me) who get their coverage via the ACA and others who just want to stop Trumpcare because it would be a disaster for all of us.

I was glad I went. And you'll be glad if you go, too. Trust me. Find out what's happening near you right now.

Call Your Rep THIS MORNING and Again After He/She Votes on AHCA

Things are coming to a head and the House will likely vote on the reprehensible AHCA at some point today. It's all hands on deck to try to stop this monstrosity.

Here's what you need to do today AND tomorrow.

TODAY: Call your Representative and urge him or her to vote No.

Find your Rep's number(s) here. You may have to call more than one office to get through - phones are bound to be jammed all day but keep trying! Sample script is below.

"Hi, my name is ____and  I'm calling from _____ to urge Rep. NAME to vote NO on Trumpcare when it comes to a vote today. I'm very concerned by the CBO's findings that the AHCA would result in 24 million Americans losing health coverage, including tens of thousands who live right here in our district. If you get your coverage via your state's ACA marketplace, you should definitely mention that now -- "I get my health insurance through the ACA and I am scared that I will lose it." I will definitely be watching to see how Rep. NAME votes today and will remember it when I cast my vote in 2018. Thanks for taking my call."

TOMORROW: Call your Representative and, depending on how he/she voted, either thank them for standing up for your health or let them know you're deeply disappointed and will not be voting for them in 2018. Sample scripts are below for each scenario.

If your Rep supported Trumpcare:

Hi, my name is ___ and I'm a constituent from ____. I'm calling to let the Representative know that I am extremely disappointed in his/her vote in support of Trumpcare yesterday. It is perfectly clear from the CBO's report that this bill will be a disaster for those in our district and America, as a whole. If Rep. NAME truly wanted to represent our best interests he would have voted NO. I will remember his/her vote when I cast my vote next November. Thank you for taking my call.

If your Rep opposed Trumpcare:

Hi, my name is ___ and I'm a constituent from ____. I'm calling to let the Representative know how much I appreciate his/her vote against Trumpcare yesterday. It is perfectly clear from the CBO's report that this bill will be a disaster for those in our district and America, as a whole and I am grateful to Rep. NAME for representing my best interests and those of everyone in our district. I will definitely remember his/her vote when I go to the polls in 2018. Thank you so much taking my call. 

Please don't stop there - you should also submit a comment via their web site and contact them via Facebook and Twitter if you use social media.

Please share widely ASAP!