Join a March & Get Ready To Fight Back

January 20, 2017

Short version: Find and join a March for Women tomorrow

Fitting that this inaugural post should be on the day of he-who-shall-not-be-named's inauguration. I've started this site/blog/list/whatever to share simple ways YOU can help fight Trump and the Republicans' hateful, divisive, destructive agenda. Yes, little old you are essential to the success of this effort. You may not know exactly how a bill becomes a law or who your members of Congress are or who your state Senator is. None of that matters!

What matters is that you have the guts not to look away from the hateful, scary train wreck that began on November 9th. We can't afford to bury our heads in the sand -- the stakes are too high. Our rights, our laws, the very fabric of our nation, and the integrity of our democracy are at serious risk.

And once you start to get involved, you will find that it feels GOOD! Yes, you may be enraged a lot of the time but you will be channeling that upset into DOING SOMETHING to stop the enemies of peace, love, equality and freedom. It's empowering. So let's get started!

Step 1: If you're not already planning on joining a March tomorrow, find one right now.

You don't have to go to the huge one in DC - there are tons of sister marches taking place all across the country. There's even one in my tiny little town of Woodstock, NY.

So find one, register! (this helps the March organizers plan and also enables them to report to the press more accurately which is good) and march. Someone may have even made an extra pussy hat you can wear...

Here's a list of what you should and should not bring to the March - yes to your cell phone, water and a Sharpie but no to your huge purse or backpack.

And below is a list of sign ideas if you're moved to create one.

As Nike says, Just Do It. The alternative is unacceptable.


  • I make the best signs. Really terrific signs. I have the best signs. Everybody says so!
  • Women's Rights are Human Rights
  • America is Already Great!
  • Trump, You're FIRED!
  • Trump went to Russia and all we got was this pea-soaked, puppet of a President
  • (tiny, orange) HANDS OFF MY HEALTHCARE! 
  • My body. My choice. My vote.
  • My body. My choice. My insatiable thirst for revenge.
  • Dump Trump
  • This Nasty Woman Votes & Calls & Sends Letters & Attends In-Person-Meetings & Donates
  • Nasty Women for Peace, Love, Equality & Freedom
  • Pussy Grabs Back
  • #NotMyPresident
  • This Pro-Choice Woman VOTES
Join the Uproar has got a ton of awesome, free signs available for download (see a few below). Thanks to Megan for the heads up on those!

The folks at the Amplifier Foundation put together some free downloadable signs, including these two below. Check them all out.

And our friend's sister, Ruth made this awesome poster that reads, "Justice, Justice Shall You Pursue" (Deuteronomy 16:20) written in the Hebrew feminine. Rawr. Free to download at her site.


  1. There are also some fantastic free sign designs available here:

  2. Thanks, Megan! Added. Those are great.

  3. Fantastic post, Eve! Looking forward to more.