Ever Visited A Member of Congress? It's Time to Start

January 25, 2017

Short version:

1. Find a local group, reach out/sign up/register and plan to attend an upcoming in-person meetingEnter your zip and see what you get!

2. Then make your daily calls - here's the link to find your MOC's phone numbers. Right now you can focus on urging them to reject Trump's unfit cabinet picks, including Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education, Jeff Sessions for Attorney General, Rick Perry for Secretary of Energy, and Scott Pruitt for Secretary of EPA. Those ones are the most relevant right now with more horrors coming soon :)

Visiting Your Members of Congress

Going to visit your elected officials' offices in person is the single most effective thing you can do to stop Trump from destroying America. So you have to do it. No ifs ands or buts about it. You don't have to do it today, but you have to do it soon and you're going to have to start doing it with some regularity, too.

But you may be feeling just a touch apprehensive about showing up on your own with no experience - I certainly was. That's why I went to my first-ever in-district office meeting two weeks ago as part of a group organized by Citizen Action of NY. Here we are downstairs.

And even though we met with our Representative's Deputy Director, rather than "himself", it was still a very empowering experience and one I plan to repeat often since my Rep. is a party line Republican. It was not so hard!

So here's what I recommend: go with a group the first time. Either find a local group who's going (in my neck of the woods, Citizen Action NY is planning to hold regular visits to John Faso's office - email Callie to let her know if you'd like to be involved) and tons of other individuals and groups are doing similar things.

MoveOn/Working Families Party/Indivisible is designating Tuesdays as #ResistTrumpTuesdays moving forward - a day each week devoted to flooding MOCs (that's short for Members of Congress) offices with visits and calls about stopping he who shall not be named. I assume they'll be pushing info out about those on a recurring basis.

You can also find a group in your area via the Indivisible web site (I checked out my zip and Holy Batman! there are literally scores of groups listed - most are probably just a few people but that's fine!)

Go check those links out and find a group to join right now. Then make plans to attend an office visit (or townhall meeting if one is coming up - it's super important to fill those with people like yourself!) with them the first time.

Here's the link to find your MOC's office locations -- just click on the link to their website from this page.

Set Aside 5-10 Minutes for Phone Calls Each Day

And make your phone calls every day. You'll probably need to try every number for your Senators and Representatives in order to find one that is actually answering but it only takes a couple minutes, particularly if you add them all to your address book or phone - which you should do right now if you haven't already.

As I mentioned earlier, ask them to reject Trump's unfit cabinet picks, including Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education, Jeff Sessions for Attorney General, Rick Perry for Secretary of Energy, and Scott Pruitt for Secretary of EPA.

Remember To Enjoy Life

Reading too much about the Trumplicans makes me scared and angry. So I have to remember to shut the computer and do something more fun than thinking about Trump like clean my toilet. I also like to hug my little boys or cook something yummy or go outside.

To that end, I hope you enjoy this lovely rendition of Smile - it made my morning. Life is still beautiful and precious amidst all this frightening ugliness. The arrangement was organized by Ben Bram (guy on the left) who said this: "I’ll be donating to Planned Parenthood ACLU Nationwide Everytown for Gun Safety in honor of this song and I hope you'll join me by donating to an organization of your choice. "


  1. Thank you for this!!!! I'm a like-minded "Garden of Eating" reader and loved your bold political posts. As with many, I was always politically aware, but not consistently active. That ended over the past year. I've been calling and e-mailing my Senators and MOCs and generally making myself a nuisance. I've been donating to groups that will fight the hijacking of our system and our rights. I've marched and will do so again. Thank you for all of the wonderful information and for putting yourself out there. We are the majority and need to speak up and demand to be heard.

  2. Yay for you, Kim! So nice to hear from you here and so glad you are making a nuisance of yourself, too. All the best, E