Thank These Companies for Doing the Right Thing

February 07, 2017

Today's actions are a delightful change from all the outraged calls we've been making. Instead, we'll focus on saying thank you to all the companies and elected officials who are taking a stand for our rights and speaking out against Trump's hate-driven agenda.

These companies are getting a ton of blowback from the other side about their actions so it's super important for them to get public recognition and support for their actions so do not skimp on your praise!

Here's who you can reach out to to say thanks.

Starbucks for pledging to hire 10,000 refugees worldwide, for reimbursing employees who are part of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program for the fee they have to pay every other year to be part of it, and for continuing to invest in Mexico. More about CEO Howard Schultz's response to Trump's Executive Order here.
Nordstrom for dropping Ivanka Trump's line of clothing and shoes. They did not cite the weeks-long boycott customers have been waging in their decision but it seems pretty clear that's what was behind the move.
Instacart for creating "office hours" with immigration attorneys for employees and their families along with a pledge to expedite H-1B visas and green cards for employees in need. Instacart CEO Apoorva Mehta (who grew up in one of the banned countries) also spoke out publicly and donated $100,000 to the ACLU.
Airbnb co-founder and CEO Brian Chesky made a number of public statements on Twitter opposing the ban, they're coordinating free housing for people in need, and the company is matching all gifts made up to $100,000 (each) to The International Rescue Committee, International Refugee Assistance Project, and the National Immigration Law Center - donate here to have your gift matched.
Lyft for pledging to donate $1 million to the ACLU over the next four years.
Google for creating a $2 million matching gift fund for its employees to support the American Civil Liberties Union, Immigrant Legal Resource Center, International Rescue Committee and The UN Refugee Agency.
Uber despite a slow start, Uber has gotten with the program after a huge public outcry. They've set up a $3 million fund to help their drivers who are affected by Trump's ban and their CEO, Travis Kalanick also announced on Thursday that he has dropped out of Trump's panel of economic advisors in response to said outcry.
If you're on a roll and want to do more praising, you may want to reach out to more of the companies listed in this article and also check out the list of "Brave Brands" by Grab Your Wallet (scroll to the right a bit to see them.)

You can also thank any of the brands that have dropped their ads on Breitbart as a result of the Sleeping Giants campaign. See list here.

I'll do another post soon about more boycotts to join (or threaten).

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