Sign Up for Swing Left and Start Registering Resistance Voters

March 10, 2017

The most important thing is to regain control of the House in 2018 because we're largely powerless to stop Trump unless and until we do that. SwingLeft is doing great work to that end.

Please sign up for Swing Left right now and get involved.

Those of you who are here NY's 19th Congressional District, I cannot urge you strongly enough to start working on registering voters - beginning this Sunday, March 12th.

I will be at the Kingston site for the Register Resistance Voters effort this Sunday (thanks for hosting, Citizen Action of NY).

Come join me or sign up at one of the many other sites to learn how to register voters, get the materials you need and hit the streets. Bring friends!

For what it's worth, going door to door registering voters is basically my worst nightmare (shy, socially awkward people UNITE!) but I am willing to do it because I love America and I do not want to see it go down in flames. I also do not want my kids to have to grow up in a corrupt dictatorship filled with hatred...

So even if knocking on doors is not your idea of fun - and trust me, it is not my idea of fun - it is our civic duty. We have to do it.

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