Trumpcare Vote Delayed! Keep Calling And Find An Event Near You

March 23, 2017

Paul Ryan and He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named were forced to pull their scheduled vote on Trumpcare today because they couldn't get the votes they needed to pass it. Which is good!

But the fight is far from over. We need to keep the pressure on to convince enough members of Congress that they do not want to touch this thing with a ten-foot pole.

So. Here's what you do:

1. Tomorrow (Friday) call your Representative AGAIN. It's okay to call them every day. And submit another comment via their web site. And write on their Facebook page. And tweet at them. Keep doing it. See yesterday's post for scripts and sample comments.

2. Click here now to find an event taking place near you. Then go join it. Do it even if it's not your typical thing and you feel nervous or weird about it. It'll be good for you.

I am a recovering shy person and my natural tendency is to avoid rallies, protests, marches and such like the plague. However, I find that when I do go, it feels really GOOD to be there. It buoys my spirit to be around other people who also think what's going on is crazy and unacceptable and want to do something to stop it. The truth is that it's way more fun to resist in the company of others than all by your lonesome :)

Today I was at a pop up emergency room demonstration outside my Rep., John Faso's office in upstate NY. We had a big group of people - some of them nurses and other healthcare providers, some of them farmers, some who are on Medicaid, some (like me) who get their coverage via the ACA and others who just want to stop Trumpcare because it would be a disaster for all of us.

I was glad I went. And you'll be glad if you go, too. Trust me. Find out what's happening near you right now.

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