Call, Tweet, Facebook & Email Your Senators To Stop Healthcare Bill

June 26, 2017

Me again. The Senate finally released their secretly crafted version of the healthcare bill and it's really bad! Even the majority of the nation's healthcare industry opposes it...

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (he's the one Jon Stewart always likened to Cecil the Turtle) is pushing for a vote this week but there are rumblings that there may not be enough support for this version of the bill.


If you have a Republican Senator (or Senators), please call every day to urge him/her to vote "No" until they either vote or decide to cancel the vote. If you're fortunate enough to have Democratic Senators, please thank them for their leadership and forward this post/email to anyone you know in a state with Republican Senators.

1. Find your Senators' phone numbers hereMake sure to call them both. If you need to try their district offices to get through, please do so. 

2. When you get through, here's what you can say: "Hi, my name is ___ and I'm calling from ___. I'm calling today to urge the Senator to protect my health and the lives of 24 million other Americans by voting NO on the AHCA." If you have a healthcare/ACA story of your own, share it with them. Then thank them for taking your call. Always be polite.

3. If you're on Twitter, tweet at your Senators using the hashtaghs #saveACA and #healthcarenotwealthcare

4. Ditto Facebook - post to your Senators pages and urge them to reject this attack on American's health.

5. Share with anyone who shares your politics!

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