Call Your Senators TODAY: NO WAR WITH IRAN

January 10, 2020

It's been a while but the news is dire again and I'm reaching out to urge you to please call your Senators today to urge them to vote against allowing Trump to start a war with Iran.

His seemingly unprovoked order to assassinate Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani, Iran's top security commander was done without even informing Congress and has already spawned a whole host of awful effects, including retaliatory strikes on U.S. forces in Iraq and the deaths of the 176 innocent people on board Ukraine Airlines flight out of Tehran.

Trump is clearly attempting to distract everyone from his forthcoming impeachment trial in the Senate by doing exactly what he previously accused President Obama of doing for electoral gain.

We have to do everything in our power to stop him from playing with thousands (or more) human lives to get his way.

The Democrat-controlled House has just voted to curtail his powers of war but the vote fell almost entirely on party lines and the Republican-controlled Senate is unlikely to vote the right way next week.

Call your Senators today:

1. Find your Senator's number here.

2. Use the script below or just use your own words:

"Hi, my name is YOUR NAME and I'm a constituent calling from YOUR TOWN/CITY. 

I'm extremely concerned that President Trump is starting an unprovoked war with Iran and I'm calling to urge the Senator to vote to block his power to proceed without approval from Congress. His decision to order the murder of Iran's top security commander occurred without Congress's knowledge and has already resulted in retaliatory strikes on U.S. troops in Iraq and the deaths of 176 innocent passengers on the Ukraine Airlines flight that was shot down in Tehran. More innocent lives will be lost if the Senator does not vote to stop Trump's rush to war.

Thank you for taking my call."

3. Hang up and call your other Senator.

4. Please share! If you live in a State with one or more Republican Senators, share this post with everyone you know and ask them to join you. And I encourage you to tweet and post at all your members of Congress about this, too.